Remote Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance

About Us

THINGSTEL is an end-to-end IoT Solution provider bringing together latest innovation in IoT Network Technology, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We are headquartered in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore with a sales office in London, UK.

Focus Area

What We are Trying to Solve :

  • High Cost of current IoT Solutions
  • Data storage mainly local
  • Latency of analytics affects timely decision making

What We Offer :

  • Low cost devices & network options
  • Cloud storage of data
  • AI based data analytics for real time data

What You Expect :

  • Affordable solution for various applications
  • Access to real and historical data
  • Instant decision making

Key Benefits

Quick & Easy Setup

Wireless sensors are installed in minutes, Automated data readings are captured instantly.

Compliance Visibility

Ensure facility management maintenance needs are met with accurate data recording and printable reports.

Actionable Alerts

Receive timely alerts via SMS text messages and email. Set sensor reading thresholds and configure alert settings

Enterprise Ready

Industrial grade sensors with low power and long range capabilities for monitoring facilities of any size.

Corrective Action

Quickly document the necessary course of action required to address alerts associated with incidents and workflows.

Data Protection

Highest standards of data protection, ensuring end-toend embedded AES encryption.

Acheive superior Operational Efficiency with IoT solution for Facilities Management


Quickly manage unexpected changes in temperature


Measure the ambient light intensity in rooms


Maintain proper humidity levels at all times


Quickly detect unexpected changes in the water temperature

Our Commitment to You

Immediate Cost-Savings

Save thousands in labour costs associated with manual monitoring

24/7/365 Support

We're always available to answer questions or concerns about the system

Day-and-Night Facility Monitoring

Remedy issues before they become costly problems