Remote Monitoring
Predictive Maintenance
Data Visualisation
Real-time Analytics

Process Industry

Enable industry 4.0 principles though the implementation of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). With Thingstel’s Industrial Solution the customer is able to remotely monitor the status of the machines, get alters/notifications for alarm triggers and have a analytics model to do a future prediction for any anomalies.

On customer profiles, most OEMs and manufacturers will find a use for Thingstel’s solutions as they look to enable “Digital Transformation” for their products/services. Similar setups can be used for any process driven industries like STEEL, PLASTIC, TEXTILE, PAPER, PACKING, FOOD and BREWING applications.
Thingstel’s Controlled Environment Solution, supports remote monitoring and analytics of any site. The solution enables remote monitoring for CEA with water sensors for pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Flow rate and greenhouse sensors for Temperature, Humidity, Light, Pressure and Dust. Using AI based machine learning we will bring in a predictive angle to the setup to avoid breakdown and improve quality.

Similar setups can be used for any AGRICULTURE, STORAGE or LIVESTOCK controlled environments. Thingstel’s platform enables remote monitoring for any “Controlled Environment” with sensors to monitor their critical parameters and bring in predictive angle to improve quality of output.

Controlled Environment

Service Request

Enhance customer service experience with Thingstel’s Service Request application. Connect with customers and respond immediately to service requests using wireless, programmable push buttons located in customer-facing areas throughout the facility. Customers can “press a button” to request services of any kind, according to their need. With Thingstel’s Service Request solution the customer can provide immediate response to intruders or unauthorised person on campus, medical emergencies or accidents.

On customer profiles, most OFFICES, RESTROOMS, HOSPITALS, MANUFACTURING FACILITIES, UNIVERSITY/SCHOOL CAMPUS, MALLS will find use for Thingstel’s Service Request solution.
Thingstel’s Security Monitoring Solution, supports remote monitoring of the facility anytime anywhere and take swift action. The solution enables emergency notification solution for door barricade solutions to increase facility visibility, awareness and response time during lockdown events.


Security Monitoring

Waste Bin Level Monitoring

Thingstel’s Waste Bin Monitoring solution eliminates the cost of unnecessary collections by managing bins at any level (Full, Empty and More!). Designed for indoor or outdoor waste bin status detection. Wireless sensor retrofits to your existing bins. Monitor waste bin levels from anywhere and access full history of device data logs and analyze data to bring a predictive angle. Receive alerts from anywhere and schedule staff based on trends. Daily, monthly and custom reports on Email.

On customer profiles, most HOSPITALS, HOTELS, TECH PARKS, COMMERCIAL OFFICES, SHOPPING MALL will find use for Thingstel’s Waste Bin Monitoring Solution.
Increase office space use efficiency with Thingstel’s Workplace Occupancy solution. With in-depth insights into how your office space is utilized, you can take the necessary steps towards reducing excess costs and lowering your operational expense. Multiple sensors provide insights on room and desk usage and track occupancy frequently, 24*7*365. Includes options such as people counter and other environmental sensors. Receive customised alerts and reports via text message and email based on the conditions & rules you set, sent directly to your desired recipients.

On customer profiles any facility where attendence is compulsory for example: COMMERCIAL OFFICES, TECH PARKS, SCHOOLS & COLLEGES, GOVERNMENT OFFICES, CO-WORKING SPACE.

Workplace Occupancy


Thingstel’s Proximity solution supports smart automation and enables Data Logging, Alarm Notifications, Analytics and more. With this solution companies can maintain their records in digital form thus enabling easy access to historical data and analysing them. Track end-end delivery time and with the data available on the cloud, data can be analysed to understand the route followed and the time taken. All this information could be vital to decide on a more efficient way of operation.

On customer profiles, most INDUSTRY’S, COMMERCIAL OFFICES, LOGISTICS AND DELIVERY will find a use for Thingstel’s Proximity Solution.