Smart Automation and Data Logging for Delivery Application

The customer has tied up with a leading organic milk dairy to supply and distribute milk and milk products around the city.


Currently the customer is dependent on delivery staff to supply products to customers on a day to day basis. Products will be picked up from central warehouses.

Requirements :

The customer is a leading manufacturer of temperature furnaces used in the heat treatment processes for machines components. Process of heat treatment can vary from 4 hour to 24 hour cycle and is based on a thermo-chemical process where the gas is discharged into a sealed furnace with temperature going upto 1000 deg centigrade.

Thingstel proposed developmentof mobile application to scan proximity devices to indicate checkpoints for data logging.

Key data like customer location, delivery staff's name and date and time can be captured instantaneously and pushed to the cloud. Further, with a customizable form filler the customer can create their own form for data to be collected. Option to upload image of the products delivered is also provided.

The customer can then access this information on a front end and mobile application for real time monitoring. The application can be further customized to provide the desired report and graphs. With data available at the backend, tools and services can be used to analyze data collected.


Thingstel has a proximity solution under its product range to be used for this application. NFC passive tags can be used to identify the checkpoints at different delivery locations which are preset.

On scanning the devices using a mobile device, an in-app associated form will open up for the delivery person to do the necessary entry. On submission, data logged will be made available on a front-end application accessible to the admin.

As next steps, Thingstel is working on developing reports, graphs and analytics to be integrated with the front end application.