Our platform enables Digital twin of a physical setup and supports visualisation of data from IoT devices

A configurable platform for collecting process and equipment information making it a scalable solution for the end customer. Our customizable analytics module is developed to process data and push insights for quick action​

We aim to drive innovation at the product, process, service and business level through multipoint benefits



Quick overview of entire machine fleet

  • Purchase date​
  • Serial number​
  • One customizable entry​

Document Library for easy document access

  • Manuals
  • Spare Parts list​
  • Drawings – Electrical, Hydraulic & Pneumatic​
  • Calibration Certificates / Test Certificates

Request service online 24x7​ 

  • Historical Service Request records
  • Request Live Status 

Part Store 

  • Raise orders on spare parts from out platform


Customizable User Friendly dashboard with access to:

    Machine Status​

  • Overview
  • Metrics

    Process Parameters

  • Production Parameters
  • Equipment Status
  • Efficiency
  • Alarms & Notifications


Powerful Reporting tool to help you generate:

      Time series reports

      Job wise Reports

      Reports of Notifications and Alarms 

      Downtime reports at any frequency


Set up alarms and send notifications to alert you via e-mail or text message:
     Fast alerts to help you avoid errors before they occur

     Options to set alerts by thresholds

     Notification visualization module

     Email and/or SMS alerts to specified personnel​


AI based machine learning models used for:

     Prediction of key machine parameters for future values​

     Generate insights into future events through machine learning models 

     Indicate specific actions to be taken to avoid event occurrence (Part replacement, run maintenance activities, etc)​

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