Our platform enables Digital twin of a physical setup and supports visualisation of data from IoT devices.

A configurable platform for collecting process and equipment information making it a scalable solution for the end customer.

Our customisable analytics module is developed to process data and push insights for quick action.

We aim to drive innovation at the product, process, service and business level through multipoint benefits.


Machine Center


Quick overview of entire machine fleet

  • Purchase date
  • Serial number
  • One customizable entry

Document Library for easy document access Manuals

  • Spare Parts list
  • Drawings – Electrical, Hydraulic & Pneumatic
  • Calibration Certificates / Test Certificates

Request service online 24x7

  • Historical Service Request records
  • Request Live Status

Part Store

  • Raise orders on spare parts from our platform



Customizable User Friendly dashboard with access to:

Machine Status

  • Overview
  • Metrics
  • Process Parameters

Production Parameters

  • Equipment Status
  • Efficiency
  • Alarms & Notifications



Powerful Reporting tool to help you generate:

  • Time series reports
  • Job wise Reports
  • Reports of Notifications and Alarms
  • Downtime reports at any frequency

Alerts & Notifications


Set up alarms and send notifications to alert you via e-mail or text message:

  • Fast alerts to help you avoid errors before they occur
  • Options to set alerts by thresholds
  • Notification visualization module
  • Email and/or SMS alerts to specified personnel


AI based machine learning models used for:

  • Prediction of key machine parameters for future values
  • Generate insights into future events through machine learning models
  • Indicate specific actions to be taken to avoid event occurrence (Part replacement, run maintenance activities, etc)