Remote Process Monitoring for Injection Molding Machine using OPC UA Protocol

The customer is a manufacturer of the wide spectrum Plastic Shuttle, Fliptop Caps and Bubble Top Caps, with manufacturing set up in India.

Current Setup:

Key business stakeholders were not able to remotely monitor the productivity on the machine in real-time as they were outside of India.

Requirements :

The customer wanted to remotely monitor the status of the machines/get alerts notifications for alarms triggers.

The leadership team was keen on tracking the productivity of the machine against every job and track the efficiency monitoring the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) levels.

Deployment :

Thingstel completed setting up of the gateway device at the manufacturing plant to communicate with the machine over OPC UA interface and to pull out all the relevant data.

Next to enable remote monitoring the Thingstel platform was setup as per customer needs, for frontend visualisation of process and efficiency parameters that included Availability, Performance and Quality to arrive at the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Key Benefits :

Customers outside of India and all relevant business stakeholders were able to remotely monitor the process running on the machine in real time.

Customer could follow the productivity levels to take educated choices on upgrades looking at a saving of $5,000 per machine between resource usage and far off observing use case.