Water Leak Detection and Temperature Monitoring

The customer is one of Los Angeles’ top hotels. The hotel has built its award- winning reputation on providing guests with a high-class, luxury resort experience, featuring:

  • 201 guest rooms
  • Multiple dining options
  • Complete spa
  • Rooftop saline pool

The hotel realized the need for an automated monitoring solution after identifying a substantial leak in their rooftop pool, causing over $8 million in damage and inconveniencing guests.

Remote Monitoring

Employees can now automatically monitor their pool for leaks 24/7 at any time, from anywhere.

Instant Alerts

When a leak is detected, employees receive an email and SMS text message so they can take action before costly problems arise.

Detailed Reports

On-demand and scheduled reports helps the hotel manage their maintenance needs.

Requirements :

When the Hotel's team evaluated Thingstel's water leak detection solution, they recognized the value of automated remote monitoring. “Our maintenance team can’t be everywhere all at once,” said John Doe, Director of Operations at the hotel. “With Thingstel, we immediately saw that we could monitor the pool remotely, which excited us.”
One of the most important factors in the Hotel's decision was the instant alerts, which Doe believes is critical to the success of any automated monitoring solution.
“Thingstel sends an SMS text message to staff as soon as a leak is detected, enabling us to take immediate action to resolve the issue before more expensive problems arise.”
The customer also liked that they could print scheduled and on-demand reports to better track leaks over time and plan for ongoing water pipe maintenance and repair needs.

Proposal :

We installed X wireless LoRaWAN sensors and X gateways to automatically monitor the pool for water leaks 24/7. Sensor data transmits in real-time to our easy-to-use web and mobile application, enabling staff to effortlessly monitor the pool remotely. Notification preferences were set to instantly alert key team members when a water leak is detected.

The Thingstel web and mobile application enable the customer to remotely monitor their refrigeration units at any time, from anywhere so they can resolve issues immediately even during summer break.

Conclusion :

Thingstel is critical to the customer’s maintenance team, who no longer have to dedicate time to manually checking their pool system for leaks. The solution automatically detect leaks even in inaccessible areas, including underneath the pool, which has helped the hotel to transition from reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance, potentially saving them millions of dollars in damages and reputational damage. The customer has been so impressed with Thingstel that they expanded their solution to include refrigeration temperature monitoring to preserve the quality and freshness of their high-end beer and wine offerings. Less than 24 hours after installation, our refrigeration temperature monitoring solution alerted kitchen staff that the temperature in a refrigeration unit had fallen out of range. Staff were able to identify and resolve the temperature excursion instantly, enabling them to save thousands of dollars worth of perishable inventory.

Return On Investment :

  • $8,000,000+ Saved
    The hotel can identify pool leaks before they become multi-million dollar problems and use the mobile application to take immediate corrective action.
  • 30% Reduction in Staffing
    The hotel no longer has to dedicate staff to manually monitoring the rooftop pool, reducing maintenance staffing needs by 2 FTEs.
  • 90% Reduction in repair costs
    The hotel can analyze data reports and performance trends to move from costly reactive maintenance to cost-effective preventive maintenance.