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Company Overview

Thingstel Tech Solutions (“Thingstel” or the “Company”), based in Bangalore, India, is a leading provider of IoT solution using some of the latest innovations in device, network, cloud, and analytics. Solutions are focused around the Industrial Sector for use cases in Asset Management, Remote Monitoring and Analytics. This when combined with our portfolio of devices enables solutions for applications across sectors.


There are several gaps in the industrial sector when it comes to adoption of technology for driving innovation. These include, high adoption costs, sub-par analytics, complex ecosystem, and inconsistent data flow between systems.

At Thingstel we look to tap into these opportunities by digitizing the data at the Machine Control Systems while covering use cases in Operations & Maintenance

  • Using our innovative solution architecture, we have been able to significantly reduce costs and thus increasing feasibility to customers.
  • Hosted on cloud, our solutions have the capability of processing large chunks of data to converting them to meaningful information in quick time for decision automation. We call this as Analytics of Things (AoT).
  • The complex ecosystem in the space has left customers wanting for an end-to-end solution. By offering a packaged (hardware-software combination) solution for specific use cases Thingstel has been able to counter the situation.
  • Thingstel offers APIs for seamless integration to other enterprise systems such as ERPs and MES systems making the data flow lot more consistent and in real time.
  • The recent pandemic situation has been an ultimate tech disruptor presenting a greater opportunity IIoT industry to adapt and evolve.

Thingstel Fit

  • Thingstel digitises data in the Machine Control System while covering use cases in Operations, and Maintenance using their innovative solution architecture
  • The platform connects the ERP/MES systems via APIs providing a seamless integration across verticals


An industrial platform solution aggregating OEM (makers) & Discrete Manufacturers (users) supporting different use cases through standard modules

  • Platform enables Digital twin of a physical setup to support Remote Process Monitoring using dashboards and reports - know the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) in real time
  • Schedule Jobs and track it to completion - get alerted when delayed
  • Manage Inventory for every part being produced using onboarded machines
  • Maintain Digital Documentation for every machine for easy access by stakeholders
  • Auditable Maintenance Logs monitoring machine parameters, tasks, tickets and predictive analytics for faster turnaround
  • Manage Spare Parts including stock, assignment and indent

Solution Offering

Aligining with Industry 4.0

Industrial Platform solution, engineered end-to-end with the best components of IoT, Cloud computing, AI and Analytics

Our Process

Thingstel’s IoT platform is integrated with services across entire lifecycle of projects


Key technology differentiators

Solution Use Cases & Benefits

  • Analytics: Real time insights for data backed decision making
  • Dashboard: Anytime Anywhere access via subscription model
  • Machine Centre: Intelligent Algorithms to efficient job scheduling, minimize downtime and reduce rejections
  • Reports: Business Transformation through key data insights
  • Alerts & Notifications: Data Logging, Alarm Notifications and more..

Focus Sectors

Together with the Platform and Devices Thingstel supports use cases across sectors that includes Machine Builders/Discrete Manufacturers of Metal/Plastic Parts, Textile, Paper, Food Processing, Distilleries & Brewery, Packaging, Energy and Waste Management.