Automation of SKU level Inventory Management for Packaging Machines using proximity sensor

The customer is a manufacturer, wholesaler and trader of refined sunflower oil, groundnut oil, pooja Oil and much more.

Current Setup:

The customer was facing a challenge to monitor the inventory of the products manufactured across multiple machines.

Requirements :

Customer wanted to explore opportunities with new technologies to be ahead of the competition with other packaging companies.

The customer was keen to have a solution to retrieve data from multiple packaging machines to monitor the inventory of finished goods inward in real time and to track the outward to offset them from the store’s inventory.

Deployment :

Thingstel proposed a phased Industry 4.0 transformation program, starting with transforming company’s product into an IoT enabled ‘Smart Connected Equipment’.

We proposed installation of a proximity sensor on the packaging machine and connected to our gateway device. Thingstel team also introduced an HMI to choose the machine and the SKU. Thingstel platform was setup for frontend visualisation of live production data. This also included a module to get the live updates on SKU specific inventory.

Key Benefits :

Customer saw an immediate benefit of being able to get live inventory count across their machines without having to rely on the manager and thus seeing an estimated saving of $12,000 per year across 10 machines.