Industrial Gateway

Thingstel offers an Industrial gateway device which is a compact modular IIoT gateway for collecting Remote Data and providing Remote Access to your industrial equipment. With a configurable WAN/ LAN switch, this gateway offers a wide range of extension cards to best fit your application and is perfect for data-intensive applications. Whether your requirements are to: create alarms, monitor dashboards, collect data for machine performance analysis, or even other advanced solutions, this gateway will meet your needs and expand your possibilities.


1. Alarms - Alarms notification by email, SMS, FTP put and/or SNMP traps.
2. Data logging - Internal data base for data logging
3. SD Card reader - YES, for easy commissioning
4. Router - IP filtering, IP forwarding, NAT, Port forwarding, Proxy, Routing table, DHCP client/server
5. VPN Tunnelling - Open VPN either in SSL UDP or HTTPS
6. VPN Security - VPN sessions are end-toend encrypted using SSL/TLS protocol.
7. Mechanicals - Din Rail or wall screw fixing system
8. Power supply 12 - 24VDC +/-20%,
9. LPS Consumption: depending on the extension card installed
10. Input/output - 2x digital input: 0 to 12/24VDC; 1.5kV isolation 1x digital output: open drain (MOSFET) 200mA; 1.5 kV isolation